SQUISHIT® Micron Drying & Pressing Screens – 25u/45u/90u


The SQUISHIT® Micron drying & pressing screen filters have been designed to make a contaminant free product using the rosin tech, which combines both high pressure and heat to squish out essential oils. All of their screens are made from polyester for the most durable strength and .

The 25 micron and 45 micron drying and pressing screens are the most suited for squishing dry sift, bubble, dry ice, or other very fine material.

The 90 micron drying and pressing screens can be used for flower and lower grade types of H, these are also the best choices for your leftover trim.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Food grade, durable
  • Reusable and cleanable
  • 1 per pack
  • Fully FDA approved*
  • Multiple sizes to choose from


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